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December 14, 2010 – You can now buy the 10″ Viewsonic G tablet which packs the Nvidia Tegra 2 dual core processor. Definitely worth a look because Tegra provides amazing video and gaming abilities without using a lot of power to do it. We will post reviews including battery life in the coming week. It’s available now at
for $399.

viewsonic g tablet

What you see for 2010 tablets is pretty much what you get. Obviously the best options are the Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. It depends on what price you’re willing to pay. Overall, people are quite happy with the Archos tablets also. The reality is, most of the tablets are coming in early 2011. Since 2010 Holiday shopping has started, we don’t expect any big tablet players to enter the market at this late date. So if you’re shopping right now, we recommend the Apple iPad or simply wait it out until the first quarter of 2011 when the other major manufacturers plan on releasing their tablets.

Our Top Picks

Best Tablet 2010

Note: Pricing is accurate as of November 16, 2010

#1a – Apple iPad Tablet MB292LL/A Tablet (16GB, Wifi)

Price: $545 USD

#1b – Apple iPad Tablet MC497LL/A Tablet (64GB, Wifi + 3G)

Price: $884 USD

#1c – Apple iPad Tablet (32GB, Wi-Fi)

Price: $676 USD

#1d – Apple iPad Tablet MB294LL/A (64GB, Wifi)

Price: $763 USD

#2 – Samsung Galaxy Tab

Price: $399 on-contract or $599 off

#3 – ARCHOS 101 Internet Tablet 16GB

Price: $349 USD

#4 – ARCHOS 101 Internet Tablet 8GB

Price: $299 USD

#5 – Archos 7 8GB Home Tablet with Android

Price: $187 USD

Best Tablet 2010 Contenders

It’s interesting to see how the tablet 2010 market is developing. It seems most laptop and PC manufacturers are jumping on the table pc bandwagon. Since many tablets are just getting to market, the challenge for us is determining which are the best. Samsung, HP, Asus, Apple, Lenovo and all the other big players have their tablets coming to market in early to mid 2010.

Current Top Selling Tablet 2010 Models

1. Apple iPad

2. Archos 9 PC Tablet

3. Matricom 7″ Android Internet Tablet

4. Archos 5 Internet Tablet

(many tablet pc models haven’t come to market yet so the selection is pretty much limited to these 2 tablets)

November 2010 – As we lead up to the Holiday 2010 shopping season we will list for you what tablet 2010 models are available. There are a lot of tablet pc announcements, but a lot of them haven’t come to market. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the first real competitors to the Apple iPad and it’s available now. The Dell Slate had a limited production and is now sold out. We expect at least a few more tablets to hit market in time for your holiday 2010 shopping. Check back with us for the latest 2010 tablet releases.

June 2010 – One this is evident so far with the table pc market in 2010. It’s a one trick pony. It’s Apple iPad and nothing else. That said, there are an amazing, and I do mean amazing tablets coming to market. Every computer manufacturer under the sun has made an announcement about their upcoming tablet 2010 computers. The question is when? Obviously Apple was way out ahead of everyone as usual. This situation puts us in a strange predicament. Our decision is to preview the best tablet 2010 computers regardless if they are out or not. How are these the best? It’s our best guess! We will follow and report on these new tablets hitting the market as they come to market.

Take for example Computex 2010 which is happening in Taipei right now. All the big players like Asus, Toshiba, Acer, MSI, among others all have their tablet pc’s on display. Release dates are soon, but they simply aren’t on the market yet. It makes our best table 2010 slim pickens!

May 2010 – The best tablet of 2010 so far? Easy answer. The Apple iPad. People love this thing and it’s easily the best seller. Add a keyboard and holder and you’ve got a nice compact computer. We will be adding substantial new tablet content in the coming weeks. There are lots of news released about various tablets coming in 2010 but it seems most manufacturers are waiting for the iPad frenzy to subside a bit. If you are interested in checking out the Apple iPad then check out which has free shipping on a couple of the different priced iPad tablet computers.

If you are a follower of technology and the trade shows, then CES 2010 certainly showed the promise in the tablet PC market. Tablet PC’s were everywhere! Perhaps the eReader market really showed the computer manufacturers the demand for a slate or table PC concept. A nice touchscreen, light, portable, internet connected, long battery life, and an ebook reader all into one device. There you have the evolution of the tablet pc in 2010.

The Upcoming HP Slate – Contender for the Best Tablet PC 2010?

best tablet pc 2010

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Video of the HP Tablet PC coming in 2010


So you are here not to hear about how great the tablet pc products are, you simply want the best tablet pc 2010 listings! Glad you asked, we are here to help. Instead of wasting your time on older table pc products, we give you the most current and update listings of the best tablet pcs of 2010. Believe me when I say 2010 is going to be an incredible year for the tablet pc. It’s going to take a big bite out of the eReader market. I think a one trick pony, or one use device will not be sufficient when you have the tablet pc being able to most most everything you need from a computer.

I recently saw a video release from HP talking about their new HP slate PC. It’s the same concept as the new tablets in 2010. Now that Apple has announced their tablet pc named iPad, there is no question that this segment of computers is going to take off. HP did mention that their device, or the tablet pc market, is timed perfectly now to succeed. Obviously price is the big factor. Lower prices, lower power CPU’s means that tablet pc’s are cheaper than ever before. It gives people a reason to buy them especially since they can make a perfect everywhere you go type of gadget or device.

The best table pc 2010 models will be able to do it all. Internet connectivity, touchscreen, eBook reader functionality, video, long battery life, text to speech and more. You want it all from your table in 2010 and why just get a single or dual purpose device when you can do virtually all your tech things on one device? Instead of previous incarnations of the tablet pc, expect table 2010 to be a single slate type of computer that utilizes a touchsceen and not a keyboard.

Another aspect of the best tablet pc 2010 will be Nividi and Tegra. What is Tegra? It handles graphics let’s say. It’s the lowest power possible and the result will be shocking battery life results. Even with a large screen and even with demanding 1080p video or games, Tegra will impress. This means that most of the best tablets of 2010 will include the Tegra GPU. Just watch and see!

Upcoming Tablet PC 2010 Releases

This New 2010 Tablet PC from MSI could be a contender for the best tablet pc 2010. Release date is the second half of 2010 and is expected to cost $500 US. Since this tablet pc comes with Tegra, expect this battery to last for a day or two.

best tablet pc 2010 msi

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In 2010 What Exactly Is A Tablet PC?

There is a bit of confusion starting in the tablet pc market. With the annoucement of the iPad from Apple, the consumer is thinking tablet pc with a touchscreen pc without a keyboard. Our focus will be on this new breed of tablet pc computers. So our opinion is that consumers will be looking for the best tablet pc 2010 will be looking for the iPad type touchscreen tablets. Make sense? Yes there have been netbook hybrid type computers which have keyboards and convert into a touchscreen style tablet computer.

Again, our listings will focus on the touchscreen style tablet pc segment. If the consumer confusion continues or if the tablet pc’s with keyboards are what you want us to feature then we will adapt. Throughout 2010 we will monitor trends and what your expectations are when you are looking for “tablet” pc computers. With or without keyboards? Touchscreen means tablet to you? We need to get this confusion cleared up!

There are a few more emerging traits that the Table PC are going to have aside from the touchscreen feature. Most of these tablets will offer a 3G or wifi connectivity. Essentially expect the tablet 2010 market to emerge as a media consumption device. So movies, ebooks, papers, magazines and surfing the internet are going to be the leading uses. From a productivity standpoint, the Table PC devices take a back seat to the laptops and netbooks which have the all important keyboards. If you’re looking for a cool device for viewing photos and media then you will be completely satisfied with the best tablet 2010 has to offer.

The tablet PC in 2010 will feature connectivity such as card readers, usb, 3G, bluetooth, wifi, among others. ARM based processors will be featured along side the Nvidia Tegra graphic processor which means terrific HD video abilities. Like I said, these will be media consuming devices.

Hot Selling Tablet PC 2010

Archos 9 PC Tablet

The Archos 9 tablet pc is a terrific tablet. How small is it? It’s only 1.7 cm (0.7″) thick and weighs only 800 grams! It is a fully functional multimedia tablet with lots of different applications, ports, and abilities. More on this Archos 9 tablet pc coming soon! Visti the official Archos 9 site.

best tablet pc 2010

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