Windows 8 Tablet – Best Tablet Operating System?

We hope you’re interested in discussing the impending releases of Window 8 tablet computers. We hear that Windows 8 is coming as soon as mid March 2012. Best tablet 2011 not likely sporting Windows 8. Oh well. Here is what’s interesting. Can Microsoft gain what they’ve seemingly lost to the likes of Apple and the Android tablets? I think that with all the hype around Android tablets, people are forgetting about just how deep seeded the Window OS roots are. Think about it. Windows didn’t disappear. For a Windows 7 tablet selection, there really isn’t much. That doesn’t mean the same fate for the Windows 8 tablet computers. In fact Windows 8 is very much geared towards tablets. It will support the processors found in the Android tablets. Windows 8 will simply be more tablet friendly and that means the best 2012 tablet may very well have Windows inside. We aren’t Windows 8 fanboys. We are just coming to realize that Android tablets are the rage, but that may not be because people aren’t interested in a Windows tablet. The fact is the lack of selection may be the bigger reason for the growth of Android. Without question, Microsoft needs to start showcasing Windows 8 tablet computer. Expect CES 2011 to be the coming out party for the Windows 8 tablet invasion. When there are 1.4 billion Windows users on the planet, you just know that an integrated Windows experience and ecosystem will get a lot of support. All those Microsoft Office users will most likely go for a Windows 8 tablet simply for the sake of cross platform compatibility. It’s interesting how the later part of 2011 goes. Will the Windows 8 tablet leaks start in hopes of spoiling the Android tablet successes? Remember, the tablet manufactures want to sell tablets. The operating system doesn’t matter to them in the end. If the consumer is willing to spend more money for a Windows 8 tablet over an Android tablet, expect to see tablet models in both OS flavors. There really could be a Window 8 tablet vs Android tablet faceoff and battle royale in the later part of 2011 and into 2012. We’re excited to watch how this unfolds!

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